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Here I am enjoying a hefeweizen and wearing one of my many Bloomsday finisher's t-shirts. I had another picture here before.

I'm a system administrator at the University of Oregon Computing Center. I help maintain,, and some other systems that are central computing resources for the University.

These are a few of my favorite things

Computer stuff

[linux inside] [DOOM]

Do you like hacking Linux? Do you like blasting demonic creatures into mangled bloody bits? You can enjoy both at the same time! Learn how -- read my Linux DOOM FAQ. If you aren't blessed with the glory of Linux, you can get more information about DOOM from DoomGate.

I like learning about old computers and exotic computer architectures, like the DEC PDP-8 or HP calculator microprocessors, like the HP 48's "Saturn" processor family.

Speaking of which, I've written a couple of useful HP 48 applications: an S/KEY password generator that you can use with S/KEY systems like OPIE, and an encryption utility for the HP 48 called MD5LIB. These applications are available by anonymous FTP to or through the links below.

For my HP 48 application SKEY, you can get documentation (skey.doc), source in gzipped tar format (skeysrc.tar.gz) or PKZIP format (, and the SKEY binary (skey).

For the encryption utility MD5LIB, you can get documentation (md5lib.doc), an HP 48 library (md5lib.lib), and a source directory (md5lib.dir) you can use to build the library using <-LIB->.


Most of the music I like is the kind of stuff we talk about on the Ecto mailing list. Officially it's for fans of the unjustly obscure musician Happy Rhodes, but if you like the music of people like Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, Sarah McLachlan, or others, visit The Ecto Home Page.

I'm also a big fan of Ben Folds Five. You can laugh all you want, but I've got my philosophy.

Space Flight, Astronomy, and Astrophysics

If you can give me a ride on a rocket, let me know. Until then I'll be working on my relativistic spaceflight simulator.


There are a few shows on TV that I really like.

Running over the inferior

The standard wheelchair accessibility logo is wimpy. Here's a logo that has the right spirit. It says (as I often do) "I'm riding 25 pounds of angry metal, and it wants blood!"

Death to bipeds!

I think I'm gonna URL

Stuff that doesn't fit neatly into the categories above.

Last update: February 24, 1998

Steve VanDevender