stevev's secret page

This page is for those things I wouldn't want to show to just anybody.

As a prime example, here's a story I wrote once a long time ago. It was originally posted on this little backwater conferencing system at the U of O which had an erotica conference. Most of the postings were written by this one guy who was into gay porn. This failed to turn on about 90% of the population (by Kinsey's statistics, anyway). A few postings were straight porn written by an apparent virgin, at least judging by the grasp of technique displayed by his characters. A friend of mine and I were bemoaning what was therefore a total lack of really rousing material in the conference. We agreed it needed something new, something different. It needed kinky porn. I found myself writing the story you may decide to read now. I've never had an experience anything like the one in the story. Really.

And just so you won't think I'm really gross, here's a poem I wrote a long time before that. It won a poetry contest. A Vogon poetry contest. It's titled "I Puke Alone".

Eventually I'll add something tasteful here.

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