Requirements for xrel

You should be able to build xrel on pretty much any UNIX system running X. It uses these widely-available system calls/libraries:

You'll probably want to run xrel on a system with good hardware floating-point (it does a few dozen floating-point operations per star per display update). It will also help to run it on a locally-connected X display. Since it runs quite well on my 486-66 with Linux, it should run quite well on most other commonly-available hardware.

xrel supports all kinds of X displays -- monochrome, 8-bit PseudoColor (the most common type of color display), or 16/24-bit TrueColor.

xrel has been successfully compiled and run on these systems:

If you think you can run it, go ahead and download the source and refer to the compiling instructions.

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Steve VanDevender
Last modified: Wed Feb 23 15:03:40 PST 2000