A cheap replacement for ching(6)

ching(6), the old amusement found in BSD 4.[234], has disappeared from the face of the net. I wanted it back. Fortunately finding the full text of the Wilhelm translation of the I Ching was easy. So was writing a program to read it.

ching.txt: The text of the Wilhelm translation. Be careful editing it -- the program is a bit sensitive to where the blank lines are. Looks OK on a text terminal, but not marked up for fancy printing (although some of the overstriking is still in there).

ching.c: a simple little program to auto-cast hexagrams and display readings from ching.txt, roughly compatible with the original interface to ching(6). ICHING_PATH tells it where to look for ching.txt.

The random I Ching CGI on the main page is a version of ching.c (ching-cgi.c) modified to work as a CGI program when called by Steven Grimm's excellent uncgi. It also uses an HTML version of ching.txt (ching.html).

Steve VanDevender
Last modified: Wed Feb 23 15:04:06 PST 2000